Best WordPress SEO plugins in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Digital Marketing Strategy which is used to optimize the search engine to draw more traffic to one’s website. ie., It is the way of optimizing websites to reach them to a higher position in the search engine’s search results like Google, Yahoo etc. The main job of SEO plugin is to focus on website rankings in search results. For achieve higher ranks you should form your website according to the search engine’s rules and algorithms. Since these rules and algorithms are hidden we can achieve this by using efficient plugins for better optimization.

The right use of SEO plugins in right time will lead to the success of your Company. SEO plugins will help to improve your business by modifying your website.

Some of the best SEO plugins are as follows:
  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best tools for SEO optimization. You can optimize almost all parts of your website such as posts, pages, media, tags etc. by using this plugin.

  • The main feature of this plugin is that it is user-friendly and connects your website blog to leading webmaster tools and gives you alerts about crawl errors if any, right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • It also allows you to insert social media metadata in blog’s head section and customize posts in several ways.
  • This is one of the best tools to create XML sitemaps and edit robots.txt, .htaccess file etc.
  • This tool allows you to activate Breadcrumbs in your site so that readers can easily navigate between posts. By enabling Breadcrumbs, it will automatically add copyright text before or after each post so that others can’t copy paste your contents.
  • As everyone knows images can bring bulk amount of traffic to your site, we can make use of the features of Yoast plugin called Permalink, which helps you to redirect the image URL to original posts so that it creates readers for your blog.
  • Yoast tool provides the bulk editing of the SEO titles and description for all your posts and pages.
  • This tool allows you to import and export SEO settings from your other sites or even from other SEO plugins.
  • It allows you to connect always with the Google webmaster tools so that you can recover your site if something bad happened because of malicious attacks.
  • This tool also helps you to provide different titles for your single post. For eg., you can put different titles in Facebook and Twitter.
  1. All in one SEO pack

  • Like Yoast SEO, this pack is also an excellent plugin for doing the same job as mentioned above. It will also automatically optimize your website for search engines and generate Meta tags accordingly.
  • This plugin provides higher flexibility with regard to sitemaps also. It allows you to include and exclude your posts, pages, media, products, locations and tags from your sitemap.

  • The other features of the plugin are Robots.txt, Video Sitemap, File editor, Google analytic integration, Bulk post editor etc.
3. Premium SEO Pack

  • This plugin is a great solution for SEO to increase website speed. It helps you to optimize your images, contents, links and even database.
  • It allows you to add up to 10 focus keywords at a time which help to divert traffic from many sources.
  • This pack helps to reduce your site’s loading time by minimizing cache files on a single click. As a result you will start to get more traffic according to the speed change.
  • The other features of this pack are SERP Tracking, Page Speed Insights, Google Analytics Integration, Mass Optimization etc.
4. WordPress (WP) Meta SEO Plugin

  • This is a simple SEO plugin that helps you to manage images, posts and links. It helps you to bulk edit the contents along with the snippet preview option which used to reflect the instant changes in the search engines.
  • This plugin will show a score for your each post based on the SEO and help you to improve the ranking.
  • Another feature of this plugin is Bulk image optimization.
  • Some of the other features of WP Meta plugin are Google search console keyword suggestion, Custom 404 page, XML Sitemaps, Custom redirection etc.
  1. Squirrly plugin for SEO


  • Squirrly plugin helps you to manage your posts by checking Google ranking for each post and to do keyword research, everything from WordPress backend.
  • This plugin will show SEO snippets along with the editor and post score. So even a beginner can use WordPress.
  • This plugin will show latest search trends and its volume and helps you to instantly insert them into your contents.

  • The Squirrly plugin is so intelligent that it could locate your keywords and show you the recent tweets about the topic you are writing. Thus you can open those posts from your WordPress editor, read them and generate them to better ones.
  1. SEO Ultimate Plugin

 This plugin is mainly used to optimize your website homepage, posts, category, tags, attachments and even more.

  • This plugin helps you to easily override the metadata and auto link the contents.
  • Meta Robot Tags Editor is the uniqueness of this plugin. This helps you to assign bulk Nofollow or Noindex tag to individual posts, pages, tags and categories in your blog.

  • Some of the other features of this plugin are Code Inserter, File Editor, Link mask generator, 404 monitor
  1. Smart Crawl Plugin 

Another type of premium plugin for SEO is Smart Crawl Plugin. It will also help to bring traffic to your website in various ways.

  • It will automatically update your sitemap as soon as you publish a new post or update a post and notify the same to the major search engines.
  • This plugin will helps you to customize the search snippets in terms of home page and post titles, home page and post description, keywords and metafiles.
  • The uniqueness of this plugin is that this will work in single as well as multiple websites and allows you to connect posts using keywords.
  • It will help you to manage 404 pages, archives, Meta robots and prevent duplicate links.
  1. SEO Optimized Images

One of the major sources of traffic for website is images. This is a better plugin to optimize your blog images.

  • This plugin makes images SEO-friendly by automatically inserting alt and title attributes to it.
  • With this plugin you can even replace the attributes with post title that are assigned by the plugin.
  1. SEO Redirection Plugin

This SEO plugin is used to overcome the common drawbacks in website as its broken links. If you didn’t find them at the right time, then it can affect our site reputation and online ranking.

  • SEO Redirection Plugin’s main job is that it can divert the users from the website pages with broken links to the recently moved pages.
  • Redirection can be customized based on the login status, referrer or the random pages. This is a simple plugin which can easily build 301,302 and 307 redirections for posts and pages of any status.

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