Difference between Push and Pull Marketing Strategies

Marketing is defined as the activity of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers of a business that are value for the customers, clients, partners and society at large. ie., Marketing is the action of promoting one’s business in certain ways. The main marketing strategies are divided into two – Push and Pull Marketing. Push and Pull marketing are the two main promotional strategies which are applied to reach the product to the target market.

In Push strategy, marketer has to push the company’s product onto the customers by somehow making them aware of it for sake of purchase. In this, a business attempts to get their promotional message to the customers even if they are not interested to buy. Thus this type of marketing brings the product directly to the customers via different channels to make sure that the customer is fully aware of the product at the time they buy it. Push marketing is also known as Direct Response Marketing or General Advertising.

But in Pull strategy, the main idea is to make the customers come to you. It is a type of marketing strategy to attract customers to a certain brand through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other methods. Today customers are very active online by searching their needs and reading the reviews. The Pull marketing strategy helps a businessman to draw a researcher by providing answers to their questions.

Push and Pull Marketing Strategies are differing in the following:
  1. Strategy

Push marketing strategy applies the cultivating marketing methods of placing one’s business offering in front of the target market. Some of the examples are Paid advertising in printed form, Ads in TV and Radio, Direct Mails to the customers etc.

In Pull Marketing strategy, the marketer enables researchers to find your products easily by developing product awareness, brand visibility and lead generations with the use of unique content.

  1. Channels

In Push Marketing strategy, the main channels used for the promotion are offline channels like direct mail postcard, printed Ads, Radio, TV etc. The main goal of this strategy is to drive customers to a particular location to inbound their phone numbers. Apart from these the traditional marketing such as E-mail marketing can also be used.

In Pull Marketing Strategy, the key to the audience is the ‘online content’, to take them to a distinct landing page in order to fill up a form or make a call to a number mentioned in that page.

  1. Working

Push marketing strategy works wonderfully if you do it accurately. If you call each and every customer, then they will feel special and will interest in your product.

In Pull marketing strategy, when the customer approaches you on their own, that will be the great award for the marketer, however it takes a lot of hard work and time.

Though Pull and Pull marketing strategies are different, they have their unique part in the promotion of a business. ie., Push and Pull marketing strategies are the two non-avoidable strategies for a successful business.

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