Dreadful mistakes that a marketer should avoid for his success

Marketing is the way of promoting your business in various channels. Since the marketing landscape is more diverse than before with complicated marketing strategies through different channels, for your relevancy you must conduct marketing audits from time to time. It is natural to cause some mistakes because there are so many tasks to execute for a fine marketing.

But the mistakes that you make in marketing can cause you time and money that you don’t have to waste. So you should avoid these mistakes to stay in the right track of the progress.

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid for your success:
  1. Mass personalization instead of Individualization

Every marketer should take care of their each and every customer personally instead of treating them as a group. Market individually will help more than mass marketing. If you contact every customer individually, they will feel special and will interest to business with you.

  1. Ignorance of Retention Marketing

Every marketer should make retention marketing as the backbone of their marketing strategy. It means that it is easier to sell your product to an existing customer than to a new customer. Because the existing customer already knows about your products very well, so they will be ready to buy more and more. Acquiring a new customer costs 6 to 7 times than what you will spend to retain an existing customer. So don’t stop marketing to an existing customer.

  1. Fail to consider new marketing channels and platforms

Most of the marketers will stick with their usual channels instead of trying new marketing channels. This is a big mistake. Successful marketers are a proof of trying new channels for their promotion. Trying new channels is the effective way to stick with your customer.

  1. Avoiding E-mail promotion

By acquiring new channels for promotion, some marketers forget the traditional way of marketing – E-mail marketing. Sending E-mails to customers individually is more effective than any other way of marketing. E-mail marketing helps the marketer to create trust among their customers and thus retain them.

  1. Not spending time for creating your unique content

As everyone knows that the ‘content’ is the key for a successful marketing strategy, you should give enough time to create your unique and catchy content to present before audience. Writing a Blog post, Whatsapp status or Facebook status, whatever it is, you should spend time to create that to make it a unique one. By doing so will definitely attract a big amount of customer towards your business.

By overcome the above mistakes you can come to the right track for the success of your business. Always make the customer as your key target and work for that.

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