Main features of ‘Social Pilot’ – social media marketing and scheduling tool

Marketing is the way of promoting your business. Like E-mail marketing and other traditional marketing, Social media also have a big role in marketing and promotion of your business. They have billions of users across the platform including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google plus and lot more. By sharing content about your business in these sites, help you to promote your business in front of a large group of audience without any door-to-door marketing methods.

According to the network type you are using and region, every social media sites has its peak time. If you post in peak hours, you can get maximum exposure for your business. But it is not easy always to sit in front of the computer in those peak hours to post your contents. Social Pilot will help to solve this problem. It is a social media marketing and scheduling tool, which uses to increase the online marketing efficiency and save time. Though it is a paid tool, it has a lot of features. If you want you can get 2 months free trial by paying 1 year subscription amount.

Some of the main features of Social Pilot:

  • You can share up to 500 posts and connect up to 200 social profiles from a single account. You can share and schedule posts and updates without worrying about hitting limits. Moreover, you can be able to add your entire set of clients’ profiles through your single account.
  • It can save your time by allowing you for bulk scheduling your posts. Upload more than hundreds of posts at once in text or CSV format. Bulk scheduling ensures that your posts will go out according to your own schedule.
  • It allows display of your business through every post that you make in social media. For eg., when you post a new content in Facebook, you can display ‘posted by your <brand name>’. You can also customize your links with Snipy, Start A Fire and Rebrandly to further boost your brand and thus drive traffic back to your website.
  • Social Pilot has powerful analytics and reporting features which can analyze your social media strategy and find deeper insights. It helps to get a complete overview of your social media users and customers to understand them to make better decisions. Thus you can measure your contents and see what works well with your audience.

  • It provides you a social media scheduling calendar, through which you can easily schedule posts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And also you can keep track on what’s going on with your marketing strategies.
  • It has a feature called ‘Client Management’. Through this, you can invite your clients to let them give access to their social media accounts. Without credential exchange or being an admin, you can manage and schedule posts to your clients connected to social media accounts.
  • Social Pilot provides you various types of content suggestions also. Also you can add your favorite external RSS feeds and continue sharing great content that will be helpful to your audience and followers.

So, Social Pilot is an incredible asset for every marketer to promote their contents as well as products and boost the sales. It’s basic plan starts at $100 annually with 10 social media accounts and 50 posts per day. For small scale business, it will be enough. It provides higher level plans also.

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