Some of the most effective Social Media Widgets for WordPress sidebar

For the success of a business, the marketer should bring heavy traffic to his website. After search engine promotions in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, a marketer should concentrate in social medias to promote his business. We should make the audience share your contents in social media using these widgets. Social Media Widgets are simple plugins which allow you to add Widgets in social media websites which link Social media buttons to your social network profiles in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.

Here are some of the best Social Media Plugins for WordPress:
  1. Monarch Plugin

One of the best Social Media Plugin available for WordPress is Monarch Plugin. It is a premium social sharing plugin and has best elegant theme. It contains more than 35+ social networks, 5 different button locations, 6 pop-up and fly-in triggers, optional counts, custom colours and you can build your own kind set of social buttons.

  1. Flow Flow Social Stream Plugin

This is also a premium WordPress plugin. You can use this plugin to combine your favourite social media channels right on your website. It supported more than 40+ feeds and you can build your own social media profiles, add your favourite topics and hashtags. The other features of this plugin are it contains customization option for grid layout, a drag and drop constructor, colour schemes, manual post approval etc.

  1. Jetpack Plugin

This is a free WordPress Plugin and it is one of most used free plugin. It has features such as wordpress gallery features, analytics and social features such as easy share buttons with support for 11 major social networks and it has the facility to E-mail sending and Facebook likebox or page widget.

  1. WordPress Social Stream Plugin

It is a premium plugin with feature-rich and regularly updated one. This plugin lets you combine all your social media activities into a single feed or one single network stream. To make your social media network streams more interactive, you should use this plugin.

  1. AddtoAny Share Buttons Plugin

This is a free WordPress Plugin which uses for a quick, simple and free way to add social sharings to your website. This plugin includes lot of features like 100+ social media and sharing sites, floating buttons, vector icons, counters, individual share links, placement location options, easy to use shortcode and even Google Analytics Integration.

  1. Social Media Feather Plugin

This is a free plugin with features such as simple, lightweight, effective social sharing, nice and modern looking. It allows you to easily and quickly add social following and sharing buttons to posts, custom post types and pages. It also supports retina displays and shortcodes so that you can place the social sharing options anywhere on your website.

Choose your correct Social Media plugin for your WordPress sidebar for the promotion of your business

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